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「Change Your Life」 It’s the concept of this product. “Re” from Return and Reverse, and attach it to rich. This supplement is for all and made in Japan. We always work hard for “Change your life”.
You can get it onpfizzjapan online shop or Amazon or BASE.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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Pfizz Comb

It’s a very popular and useful Japanese comb.
You can get it on eBay or pfizzjapan online shop or amazon shop.

If you want to make your pets happy then you should use P-PETS comb. You can get it on amazon shop.

How to use Pfizz Comb (Japanese)

Professional Japanese Scissors

We are selling professional Japanese scissors for hair stylists. You can get it pfizzjapan online shop.

You can available our rental service on PfizzJapan Rental Shop. Please try until you will be satisfied and then find yours.

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Web Creation

We create your website. If you want to start business or new things then you must have your website. Let us help your dream.

3D Project

We are using 3d technology to introduce you our products. We are support to create 3d data as well. You can see our beauty products with 3D on PfizzJapan 3d website.

E-learning Service

We are providing E-learning service about beauty. You can be the teacher or the student. Please visit PfizzJapan Beauty College

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(日本語) 消費税改正の重要なお知らせ

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Professional hairstylist scissor “SNIPS Y-1 6.0 inch” by SNIPS PRODUCUTS

You can use this scissors like you move your finger. Professional scissors craftsperson and Professional hair stylist created. You can create hair style whatever you want and can feel fun. YOU CAN GET “SNIPS Y -1 6.0 inch” HERE Professional Line (Scissors for Hair Stylist) Hikari Corporation and SNIPS created Professional Line for Hair Stylist. This scissor is by handmade to feel someone who can feel hair stylist emotion. YOU CAN RENTAL “SNIPS Scissors HERE

Professional hairstylist scissor “SEV COSMOS 5.5inch” by HIKARI

Next generation hybrid scissors unlike any is developed by our “SEV technology”, a patented technology which consolidates the skills cultivated by many years of Hikari craftsmanship and our ability to optimize true characteristics of material. Its performance is unsurpassed and it outclasses any other. Plenty of variations are available for various cutting preferences. You can get “SEV COSMOS 5.5inch” here Why HIKARI : Made in Japan only All of Hikari scissors are made in Japan. Our haircutting scissors are hand made by our professionals at Niigata factory in Japan. Our scissors, handed to our customer, are all achieved strict inspection […]

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