Professional hairstylist scissor “SEV COSMOS 5.5inch” by HIKARI

Next generation hybrid scissors unlike any is developed by our “SEV technology”, a patented technology which consolidates the skills cultivated by many years of Hikari craftsmanship and our ability to optimize true characteristics of material. Its performance is unsurpassed and it outclasses any other. Plenty of variations are available for various cutting preferences.

You can get “SEV COSMOS 5.5inch” here

Why HIKARI : Made in Japan only

All of Hikari scissors are made in Japan. Our haircutting scissors are hand made by our professionals at Niigata factory in Japan. Our scissors, handed to our customer, are all achieved strict inspection and Hikari quality by our professionals. Everyone is different on feeling about cutting, smoothness or size of ring etc. Hikari scissors are to satisfy all customer’s needs, therefore we can customize your scissors upon your request. To fulfill our customer’s needs, our professional must have same point of view with our customers. “Reflect opinion, given from our customers, on the scissors” is our philosophy. It is meaningless to create and manufacture best scissors, only from our point of view. When customers’ opinion meets with our best material and professional techniques, it gives you our best Hikari scissors.

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