Professional hairstylist scissor “U&U Series NY DRYCUT60 6.0inch” by UTSUMI

Top New York stylists are using this scissor.

– Shape of blade:Flat Blade
– Material:Cobalt Steel
– Feature:Slim Type Blade

You can get “U&U Series NY DRYCUT60 6.0 inch” here

Message from company Representative

From our founding, we at Utsumi have made ‘continuous research of shears’ and ‘user-friendly craftsmanship’ the themes behind our product development.

In the beginning, when handmade scissor sales really took off, we led the way in offering our customers affordable prices as well as in introducing CNC research devices to measure quality stabilization. Also, at a time when thinning scissors were used mainly at barbershops during summer, we spearheaded a ‘use thinning scissors’ campaign to promote usage in beauty salons for ‘finishing off’ and ‘designing’ cuts. As a result, a large number of stylists came to recognize the versatility of thinning scissors and we were able to help increase their popularity. We led the way in categorizing cuts based on ‘cut ratio’, which is now standard practice in this industry.

We, however, have never been swept away simply by the introduction of new technologies and still continue to pass on traditional Japanese blade-making, by teaching the art of ‘Chakkou’ to our young apprentices.

Now, as we approach our 25th year, building on our principles with the motto ‘Crafts for Humanity,’ we promise to continue crafting ‘scissors designed for both the stylist and their customer’. With the happiness and inspiration born from hair-cutting firmly in mind, we deliver an individually and painstakingly crafted pair of scissors that we as craftsman are truly proud of.

It goes without saying that this promise is based in our unwavering commitment to faithfully serve the salons and technicians using our products.

From all of us at Utsumi, we promise to be of ‘sweet’ and ‘smart’ service. Please continue to look forward to all we have to offer.